Secret Document ‘FCO 30/1048’ – Kept The Truth About The EU From The British Public For Over 30 Years

The document explains to Ministers that the then European Economic Community (the EEC effectively became the EU in 1993) was headed for economic, monetary and fiscal union, with a common foreign and defence policy, which would constitute the greatest surrender of Britain’s national sovereignty since 1066. This warning was made in 1971, but deliberately kept from the British people.

It provides details on how the British Public should be lied to in order to keep them onside regarding the Common Market.

As a result of this deceit the Conservative government of Edward Heath was able to take the UK into the EC on 1 January 1973.

The United Kingdom European Communities membership referendum, took place on 5 June 1975 in the United Kingdom to gauge support for the country’s continued membership of the European Communities (EC)—often known at the time as the “European Community” or the “Common Market” .

This referendum had been promised in Labour’s manifesto for the October 1974 general election so that the people could decide “through the ballot box” whether to remain in the EC.

The deliberate deceit of the British public continued and the referendum result was that 67% voted yes to remaining in EC on 64% turnout. If the British public had been aware of the warning that remaining in the EC would constitute the greatest surrender of Britain’s national sovereignty since 1066, it is unlikely the vote would have been yes.

This warning was actually made in 1971 but deliberately kept from the British people until some 30 years later.

The document clearly shows a civil servant advising that our politicians should connive in concealing what the Heath Government was letting us in for, not least in hiding the extent to which Britain would no longer be a democratic country but one essentially governed by unelected and unaccountable officials.

The document advises our politicians to create the illusion that this new system was still democratic,  suggesting,  give people the chance to vote for new representatives at European, regional and local levels. A few years later, we saw the creation of an elected European Parliament.

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