There’s No Stopping WordPress Hitting 50% Market Share

“I am powering a bank’s website using WordPress. What security measures should I take?”

This question attracted a lot of attention – both positive and negative – when an anonymous user took to Quora seeking advice. He/she probably wasn’t expecting Matt Mullenweg to reply with some advice, and of course reassurances that WordPress is secure:

“I agree there’s probably not a ton of benefit to having the online banking / billpay / etc portion of a bank’s website on WordPress, however, there is no reason you couldn’t run the front-end and marketing side of the site on WordPress, and in fact you’d be leveraging WordPress’ strength as a content management platform that is flexible, customizable, and easy to update and maintain.”

“WordPress is also trusted to run sites for some of the largest and most security-conscious organizations in the world, including Facebook, SAP, Glenn Greenwald’s The Intercept, eBay, McAfee, Sophos, GNOME, Mozilla, MIT, Reuters, CNN, Google Ventures, NASA, and literally hundreds more.”